by Little Bytes of Pi

The pyLauncher system is a TCP/IP socket server for your Raspberry Pi (or other Linux machine), with a client for your Android phone.

The pyLauncher programs allow you to connect your Android phone to the Raspberry Pi, and then launch Python program files from the user interface on the Android. The results of the program are returned to the Android application, and displayed on the screen. 

The pyLauncher programs are built using code from our tcPIp_Sockets project.  This open source project offers a simple framework for making a client/server remote control for your Android phone and Raspberry Pi.  You can see information, details, and get the source code for this program from the project page:


Version 1.1 Released November 2014

  • Use Python 2.x or Python 3.x to run Python files on the server machine.
  • Create your own custom buttons for a selected Python file with specified command line arguments.
  • Check or uncheck registered directories to filter file visibility, simplifying the UI when you have many Python files in your collection.
  • User interface now looks sensible on Android tablets.

Version 1.0 Released September 2013


Support Us

You can get the pyLauncher program for your Android phone for free from the Google Play Store. You can get the pyLauncher program for your Raspberry Pi from the Raspberry Pi store.

If you enjoy the pyLauncher program, and you wish to help fund our next great project, please consider purchasing the paid version of the pyLauncher program.